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The Sopranos: Season Five finale, season thoughts

June 9, 2004
The Sopranos: Season Five finale, season thoughts

Unlike a lot of people, I felt this season was as strong as any since the first. The season finale, finding Tony whacking his cousin, only to have Johnny Sack get nailed by the FBI a few days later, thereby rendering the death pointless, was brilliant.

Chris’s justification about Adriana that she couldn’t do five years’ time for him was really bullshit, showing him to be, once and for all, nothing but pond scum.

The end of the episode, when Tony was picking his way through the woods, certainly lent one the feeling that the bear from the season opener was returning, signifying Tony’s return to the comfort he knows. This was highlighted by Carmella’s opening the back door to let him in, a stark contrast of last season’s finale, which saw him moving out after one of the most intense scenes ever filmed on this show.

On the whole, I’ve been very pleased with this season, and look forward to the final ten episodes when they’re finally aired.