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Thursday’s musical moment

June 10, 2004
Thursday’s musical moment

Besides the news that Marillion* is coming to the States this autumn for the first time in seven years (check out where they happen to be playing on October 6th, my birthday — woo-hoo!), I dug up the Official Pink Floyd website this morning. I’m not sure why, but I was suddenly in the mood to see what’s up with the kings of pomp.

Sadly, nothing, really, but there’s a link on the page above to a David Gilmour concert DVD from 2001. I knew about this show, but hadn’t seen anything from it. There’s two full songs — Shine On You Crazy Diamond, and Comfortably Numb — available, and it’s cool to see Bob Geldof out on stage with Gilmour for Comfortably Numb, arguably one of my favorite songs on The Wall album.

If you’re in the mood, click above and follow the link to the Gilmour section and treat yourself to two excellent versions of Floyd classics.

* You may recall Marillion from the Eighties and their somewhat big hit, Kayleigh. They’re still around, making some of their best music in years.

10 Responses to Thursday’s musical moment

  • Last I heard, Gilmour said Pink Floyd was effectively retired. He said they get together occasionally and bat around the idea of a new album, but none of them feel really eager to start. I can’t blame him, if I could sit around all day and just do things I was interested in, I’d leap at the chance.

  • >>You may recall Marillion from the Eighties and their somewhat big hit, Kayleigh

    You realise I will have to kill you now… Before the band do.

  • Heh. Of course. 🙂 Personally, I prefer to remember them for FUGAZI, which you and I have talked about before.

    I feel their post-Fish output has been much better than the four albums they did with him. What I’ve heard of the new one is amazing.

  • What? You haven’t got it yet?

  • Nope; I’m sadly behind in my music-buying.

  • Blech. It’s going to be a nice, cheap gift for me to buy you just the one ticket for your birthday.

    Unless you want to take someone. Someone who’s not me.

  • I thought it was Spock’s Beard that women don’t like.

  • Actually, it’s King Crimson (modern, not original), although Kim can’t stand the Beard, either.

  • You mean Sulu’s Pubes? No. I can’t stand them.