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Friday Time Waster

June 11, 2004
Friday Time Waster

A bit later than usual, the demands of life caught up with me.

Here is a cute graphics toy called ImagiNation to explore your creativity.

Here is a simple little dice game/puzzle called Petals Around the Rose
(Please don’t spoil it for others by posting solutions here 🙂

4 Responses to Friday Time Waster

  • Imagination is cool; forget Petals Around the Rose — I can’t figure it out.

  • I couldn’t figure it out either.


  • Imagination is like playing with liquid light, glad you liked it Scott.

    As for Petals around the Rose the solution is easy, you just need to figure out which things are roses and which are petals. You’ll slap your forehead and go “Doh!” when you figure it out. If you are still stuck next Friday, perhaps I’ll post the answer. > 🙂