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Movie Review: Monster

June 13, 2004
Movie Review: Monster

Now that we’re into summer, we’ve upped our NetFlix rotation significantly, a habit we’ve gotten quite accustomed to since we joined NetFlix.

Last night we watched Monster, Charlize Theron’s tour-de-force of the Aileen Wuornos story. Chilling, I actually found myself initially sympathetic to Wuornos, but as the film progressed, the true horror of her personality rose to the fore.

Interestingly, if the film is accurate, much of the blame can be laid at the feet of Selby, the girl Wuornos met and with whom she got into a relationship. We’re seeing the recent documentary on Wuornos next, so I’ll have a deeper understanding of the real-world side of the story.

Theron is brilliant in the film. I almost never found myself thinking, “Wow, that’s Charlize Theron?” while watching her. A stunning piece of work, certainly worthy of an Oscar. Christina Ricci is also excellent — how did she not get an Oscar nomination? — as Selby, the girl Aileen falls in love with, and who drives Aileen to continue hooking.

Rent this one, folks, and settle in for a very chilling look at America’s first female serial killer. I’d give the movie four out of five stars, with Theron getting five stars.

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  • I may be misremembering, but I’m fairly sure that Selby as an invented pastiche. Which doesn’t make Ricci’s performance any less impressive, but does make it rather difficult for her to be the single underlying reason for Wuornos’s actions.