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Movie Review: Aileen-Life and Death of a Serial Killer

June 16, 2004
Movie Review: Aileen-Life and Death of a Serial Killer

Continuing on the theme of Aileen Wuornos, courtesy of Monster, tonight we watched this just-released-on-DVD documentary on her final weeks.

Devastating. You truly get the sense that Wuornos never, ever had a chance in life. From her childhood of rape and abandonment — she lived in the woods after giving birth at age 13 — up until her totally screwed up trials, this is someone who just never stood a chance.

It’s disturbing to watch, but truly a remarkable piece of film making, and I highly recommend it to everyone. I’m torn on how I feel about the death penalty, and when you see the travesty of a re-election campaign cloaked as justice (Jeb Bush running in 2002), you truly get upset. In her case, she did not deserve the sentence, given her insanity. I sense a long post at some point regarding how I feel about the death penalty, spurred on by this film.

This is an important film that deserves attention by all.

8 Responses to Movie Review: Aileen-Life and Death of a Serial Killer

  • In her case, she did not deserve the sentence, given her insanity.

    Get a grip. She was never psychotic or delusional during the commisssion of her crimes. At no time was she judged or met the definition of insane. Lots of people have bad childhoods, they don’t serially snuff out lives because of it.

    …the travesty of a re-election campaign cloaked as justice…..

    Come again?

  • I have a grip, thank you very much.

    How do you know she wasn’t delusional, hmm? Were you a psychiatrist assigned to her case? I didn’t think so.

    Re-election campaign=Jeb Bush. I didn’t think I needed to spell that one out.

  • And I see I did, actually. How about reading my damned post before commenting? Did you not know Aileen was put to death a month before Floriday’s gubernatorial election in 2002? No? He made great hay of it.

  • A jury of her peers put Aileen to death. She was a serial killer after all. Name any governor stupid enough to pardon a serial killer against the wishes of a jury verdict? She had no Schizophrenia or Bipolar diagnosis ever in her life, the only diseases with consistent delusions. I know quite a bit about mental illness as psychiatry is my field.

    It’s really a muddled stretch to to bring Jeb Bush into this.

    Also movies aren’t exactly the best source of facts, pal. But, then, anyone who in a single thought process leaps from Eileen to Jeb Bush (“the travesty of a re-election campaign cloaked as justice”) isn’t exactly a logical mind.

    To some it could look loose and a little delusional.

  • Do you know the difference between a movie and a documentary? Scott is talking about a documentary, not a Hollywood film.

    She was sentenced to death by herself, actually, when she threw her appeal. She decided she would rather die than live out her life in prison.

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  • Geez, Kim, you can only be Scott’s mother. Scott has a public blog, right? Scott posts criticisms on other blogs, right? Scott, has invited scrutiny of his blog by linking his blog in the comment section of other blog’s he posts on, right? Scott has a comment feature, right? So, Scott can only receive favorable comments to his public comments, right?

    A better use of your time would be to help Scott deal with opinions that counter his.

  • You poor dear! It’s worse than I thought! Rage, yes, but also delusions and what appears to possibly be stalking behavior. Honey, there’s help for you. Just let us know what state you’re in and we’ll refer you to the right facilities for you. There’s help for you out there.