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US State Dept. tries to pull a Jedi mind-trick

June 16, 2004
US State Dept. tries to pull a Jedi mind-trick

These aren’t the terrorists you’re looking for.

In an astonishing act of stupidity, the State Department released its annual terrorism report with “math that defies reality.” As always, with ShrubCo, up is down and down is up.

The report completely ignores the realities inside Pakistan, vis-a-vis Al-Qaeda, for one thing.

Here’s the winning, final paragraph of the article:

Given the complete lack of realism or reliability of the PGT 2003 Report in its assessment of the situation in South Asia, it is difficult to believe that it is any more accurate with regard to other parts of the world. The report can only further and severely undermine confidence in US perceptions and projections with regard to terrorism, and in the credibility of its intelligence. This is a rather unsettling prospect: to discover that the world’s sole hyperpower operates on such poor intelligence is not particularly comforting to the rest of the world, or indeed, to the people of the United States who are yet to come to terms with the intelligence failures that preceded the terror attacks of September 11, and the manipulation of intelligence that preceded the ruinous misadventure in Iraq.

Via Tas at Loaded Mouth.