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My head hurts on this one

June 17, 2004
My head hurts on this one

Remember the GOP aide of Bill Frist who broke into the computers of the Democratic Judiciary Committee, and who was forced to resign after the Senate sergeant at arms was investigating what happened?

One of the leading conservative advocacy groups in the battle over judges, the Coalition for a Fair Judiciary, has formed a new group called the Ethics in Nominations Project

They have just appointed….Manuel Miranda as the head of the new Ethics project. Miranda is the man referenced above. As the road to surfdom says,

The Ethics in Nominations Project plans to assemble a group of ethicists to outline rules for how senators should deal with judicial nominees.

The project will seek to highlight what its organizers see as corruption in the confirmation process.

How do these fine conservatives know the confirmation process is “corrupt”?:

Because of the internal Democratic Judiciary Committee memos that the head of their new ethics project stole last year.

You can’t make this shit up.

Via Kevin Drum.