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40 days and counting

June 21, 2004
40 days and counting

The Dead finished up their opening week of the summer tour at Red Rocks last night, and man, what a set list. If you go to Philzone.com, you can get a stream of the previous night’s show, and they’ve been getting better and better.

Kim’s right — this rocks.

I can no longer ask, “Is it summer yet?” as it now officially is summer.

40 days until Boston . . .

6 Responses to 40 days and counting

  • :):):)

    11 days, well closer to 10 now, until the Boise, Portland, Gorge trifecta….

  • I’m real jealous here. Have you been hearing the streams, Steve? The last show at Red Rocks, currently the one streaming, was amazing, especially in the second set.

  • Ooooo! I’m so jealous!! We’re going to want full reports. πŸ™‚

  • I haven’t listened to any of the streams yet…but I’ll head over and catch a bit of the current one in a few minutes. The set list certainly suggests something pretty special!

    Kim, there will be reports but perhaps not ‘full’ ones….I’ve never been real good at the song by song reviews…

  • That’s okay, Steve — just the vibe and high points is all anyone should expect. πŸ™‚

  • Oh, nah. I didn’t necessarily mean *that* full!