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I Gotta Get Down

June 24, 2004
I Gotta Get Down

The Dead played San Diego last night and man, some of the first set (currently the only streaming available for last night) smoked.

At the moment, it’s on Cumberland Blues, and wow, they kicked it up a few notches. Great harmonies and great guitars from Jimmy and Warren. Go get the stream folks for some amazing stuff. First set was:

Let The Good Times Roll>
8 Miles High>
Sittin’ on Top of the World
Mason’s Children> Loser
Cumberland Blues
New Speedway Boogie
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Lazy River Road
Help on the Way> Slipknot!

Here’s the lyrics for Cumberland. I cannot wait until Boston!

[Update: Holy shit, that version of 8 Miles High is mind-blowing.]

7 Responses to I Gotta Get Down

  • Ok, I’m beginning to get just a bit envious of you and Kim. You may actually get to enough shows to hear most of the rotation.

    There is no way I’m going to be treated to everything I want to hear in just three shows.


  • We’re hoping. We will miss a couple of key stops — Scranton and Darien, plus one night in Camden, but my fingers are crossed.

    Have you been listening to this stuff? It’s truly amazing.

  • Hee, hee. You know, we gave serious consideration yesterday to not skipping Darien and Scrantion and making it 10 shows. Decided against it in the end, though, due to financial considerations. Even with camping everywhere, adding 2 shows would end up running us more than staying at hotels for the shows we’re already doing.

    Hey! There’s still plenty available for Friday night Jones Beach and for the lawn at the PNC! We’d put you up on the futon. You’d have to deal with 4 cats trying to sleep on your head, of course.

  • That 8 Miles High is absolutely amazing. I’m hoping to get that twice.

  • Yeah, what she said! 🙂

  • Oh, and Steve, console yourself with this —

    You get to see the Allman Brothers one night. Derek walking out on stage to jam with the Dead?? I’d trade five shows to see that.

    Well, maybe not trade five shows, but man, that’ll be amazing. Ditto with Gregg and the percussionists. Imagine Drums with the Allmans’ drummers.

  • Yeah, Scott has a point. That’s going to be hot.

    Holy crap. Listening to 6/16 at Red Rocks right now. Mickey really needs to stop singing Fire.