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Movie Meme redux

June 24, 2004
Movie Meme redux

Here’s one I nicked from Jaquandor:

First movie you can remember seeing?

The Party, with Peter Sellers.

Last movie you saw that you loved?

We saw Calendar Girls last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Love? Probably not, but I can say with assurance that Whale Rider was definitely the last movie I truly loved.

First movie you saw on a date?

Believe it or not, Heavy Metal. I took a girl to it who actually suggested it, which surprised me to no end.

First movie you can remember that you disagreed strongly with the critics/reviews about?

You know, I can’t pin this one down. There are lots of movies over the years, and I can’t pin one down in particular. Chalk that up to my advancing age. I frequently love films critics hate, and vice-versa.

What movie have you dreamed about?

Raiders of the Lost Ark. Seriously. In the years since this one came out, I’ve had a number of dreams inspired by it.

A secret thing you did in a darkened theater:

Probably something as boring as falling asleep.

Ever lied about something so you could see a movie?

Yeah, I lied about being sick to see the second Indiana Jones film the day it came out.

The worst movie you ever saw and the best thing about it:

Hmm, this is a hard one. Most recently, I’d say The Matrix Revolutions. Agent Smith was the best thing about it — the rest just blew.

One person you’ve never seen a movie with but would like to sometime:

Roger Ebert. I’d love to see a movie with him.

What kind of movie you’d like to see with that person:

An Indiana Jones film.

A movie you’re embarrassed to admit you enjoyed:

Son-in-Law, with Pauly Shore. I liked this one, what can I say?

Your favorite movie and the worst thing about it:

Whale Rider. The worst thing about it is that it ended.

To understand something about you, people need to see this movie:

The first and third Raiders films, the Rings trilogy, Aliens, Whale Rider, House of Sand and Fog, The Princess Bride. These are the ones that immediately come to mind. I’m sure there are others, but I’m drawing an utter blank.

List by title: Saddest/ funniest/ scariest/ overrated/ underrated:

Saddest: House of Sand and Fog — this is a study in pain and anguish.
Funniest: A Fish Called Wanda or The Party.
Scariest: Silence of the Lambs as Anthony Hopkins is extraordinary in it.
Overrated: Citizen Kane is a great movie, but there are times I feel it makes lists, just because.
Underrated: Lagaan is one that springs to mind, simply because I feel everyone needs to see this great Bollywood film. Yes, it’s four hours long, and yes, it’s about cricket, but it’s just amazing.

A movie you haven’t seen yet but you really want to?

Like Jaquandor, both volumes of Kill Bill.

A movie character you could really relate to, or even wish you could be like?

Indiana Jones, of course.

Movie that the person you got this from reminds you of:

Any Star Wars film, since Jaquandor is probably the only person I know who liked Episode 1… I’ll admit it was better than Episode 2, but still.

When I say the word, you say the first movie that comes to mind:

Calendar Girls. Why? I saw it last night.

If you were a movie what genre would you be filed under at the video store?