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A new game begins

July 3, 2004
A new game begins

We’re starting an Arcana Unearthed game today, and I get to play! My giant Champion of Knowledge will be the tank of the group, which is sort of sad, since he’s really not that great a fighter…

Should be fun, though!

3 Responses to A new game begins

  • My gaming group is currently playing Arcana Unearthed.

    I’m actually enjoying it more than I have any of the other games we’ve played recently.

    My current character is an ‘anti-munchkin’..
    A female Faen Mageblade.

    Not extraordinarily effective.. but both my blade and my spells have come in handy fairly regulary as long as I havn’t failed my last saving throw.. lol

    Let us know how the game goes!!

  • Do keep us informed as to how it goes. I do have a copy of my own, but haven’t actually tried it out yet.

  • I’ll try and do a little write-up tomorrow. It was quite an amusing session, to put it mildly.

    Bottom line, though — we’re not exactly a buff party when it comes to hand-to-hand combat…