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Kenny Boy finally gets his

July 8, 2004
Kenny Boy finally gets his

About freakin’ time.

The case has political significance since Mr Lay and President George W. Bush are known to be close friends.

The BBC’s north American business correspondent Stephen Evans says bringing the businessman – a former Republican fundraiser – to court resurrects an issue that is unhelpful to the Republicans in election year.

Mr Lay has previously complained that his close friendship with fellow Texan millionaire Mr Bush, who is said to call him “Kenny Boy”, would encourage prosecutors to charge him rather than face criticisms of a political cover-up.

Let’s see the Shrub try and save his buddy on this one, especially after Kenny Boy had the balls to claim he had nothing to do with the tricks that Enron was playing with its accounting. Typical of the power-elite in this country who have hitched their wagons to the Shrub — no accountability, and they certainly don’t take responsibility for their actions. It’s always someone else’s fault, isn’t it?

I hope this one stays in the limelight for as long as possible. Let’s watch Kerry keep mentioning it, so it doesn’t get swept under the rug. Let’s see Kerry or Edwards link it to Cheney’s energy taskforce, especially in the VP debate…

10 Responses to Kenny Boy finally gets his

  • Kenny will never end up doing any time, unless it is a few weeks at a Club Fed. No Federal “Pound-me-in-the-ass” Prison for white Republicans.

  • Scott your mind is weak… Texans believe, if you do the crime, you do the time, friend or not… Just, because you would lie, cheat, and steal for your buddy… We are not like you… Read the Clinton book “Just because I could”….

  • Wow, what an amazing piece of arguing by you.

    How is my mind weak? You support what Kenny Boy did, it would appear. Hie thee back to your greener, freepier pastures.

  • Scott, weak as in “there are just some things you will never understand”… As for me I do not believe in just an eye for an eye… I believe in more like one to a thousand… Capital punishment is to good for what they did.. Kenny Boy, all board members, presidents of the bogus and paper companies and don’t forget everyone who got bonuses from the scam itself should be buried alive in one large mass grave.. The rest should get Capital punishment..

  • Oh, I see. I just won’t ever understand.

    Pah. I understand clearly.

  • This is almost surreal. Why exactly, JR, are you slamming Scott for saying exactly what you said? Which is that Ken Lay is guilty and should be punished for it. Albeit, without the psychotic overtones your comments have, but still.

  • Kim, bottom line scott stated that Bush will try and save his friend Kenny Boy… No if anything Bush will put a nail in his coffin…

  • Re-read what I wrote: I said, “Let’s see the Shrub try and save his buddy on this one.”

    Lay won’t get away with it; too much was lost. If the Shrub DOES step in, it’ll doom him.

  • Scott, He like myself is a Texan, he would not even think to try… It is so bogus… It is not in us… It is like the horse thief.. He stole a horse he dies… Friend or not, he dies… Even Texas Democrates draw the line on helping horse thieves…

  • Ha! You’re a funny guy, JR. Delusional and just a little creepy, but funny.