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Yet another reason my wife rocks

July 12, 2004
Yet another reason my wife rocks

Why? Well, she surprised me yesterday with the news that we’re doing this on Wednesday, second show.

That’s right, baby — Hot Tuna! On a boat. Going around Manhattan.

How cool is that?

Kim so wins when it comes to Whose Wife Is The Coolest and The Best.

Other news — looks like I’m going to the last night of the Dead tour in Atlanta, now, too. Just need to confirm with my boss, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a problem.

2 Responses to Yet another reason my wife rocks

  • How fun!!

    What a great way to spend an evening.

    Oh, I’ve now lost count. Just how many shows will you be catching on the next leg of the Dead tour?

    And may they all be similar to The Gorge and not Columbia Meadows (which was fun, but….).

  • That’s 9 each now. Scott was originally going to 8, but I talked him into going to ATL with me!