everything old is new again


July 14, 2004

You know, things like this always rekindle my happiness at being pagan.

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) — A church’s plan for an old-fashioned book-burning has been thwarted by city and county fire codes.

Preachers and congregations throughout American history have built bonfires and tossed in books and other materials they believed offended God.

The Rev. Scott Breedlove, pastor of The Jesus Church, wanted to rekindle that tradition in a July 28 ceremony where books, CDs, videos and clothing would have been thrown into the flames

Breedlove, eh? Certainly a fine, upstanding, book-burning name.

Breedlove said a city fire inspector suggested shredding the offending material, but Breedlove said that wouldn’t seem biblical.

I’m rendered speechless by that one.

It also makes me glad I live where I do.

Via Neil Gaiman.

3 Responses to 451

  • Rev. Breedlove is a dolt. I don’t think he’s a particularly *Christian* dolt (after all, book-burnings and other acts like that are not particular to just Christianity, or even just to religion), but … well, he’s a dolt, all right.

  • Brother Breedlove is an outstanding young Christian Minister who has done wonderful things for this community. He idea is right out of the Bible and is not stupid. Even as Christians, a growing minority in this country, we have difficulty following in the steps of Jesus. His idea was refering to any materials (books,cassettes,videos,magazines)ie. porn,satanic,or habit that would lead us away from our walk with Our Heavenly Father. As a pagan you and your friends haven’t read the Bible so we can only recommend that you do before you cast judgement on others..We pray that Gods’ light will shine upon you before you leave this world for the world beyond..Blessings to you and yours Ernie R from Cedar Rapids and the proud State of Iowa..

  • Let me just say now that this religious stuff is bullshit, satan rulz! and i personally belive that ernie is a pimp so stfu woman *whip* bammmmmmmmmmmmmm
    im sry my friend is on acid and doesn’t know what he’s talking about
    shad uppppppppppppp