everything old is new again

we laughed into the sky

September 5, 2005
we laughed into the sky

If you’re coming from my old site — welcome! A couple of you have been through here already in beta-mode, and I’m happy to see the rest of you!

Now, why? I’ve been moving away from the ideas of the Gamer’s Nook — many of which never saw the light of day — for quite a while and have been wanting to do more of a life blog, filled with music, lyrics, photographs, and … well … life. I’m pretty much done with the political side of blogging, although that’s not something I’ll guarantee. Another blog may arise at some point, just for that, but for now, I’m going to be writing about things that make me happy.

The Nook still exists here, in the monthly archives. Many of the old category names have been deleted, to further distance myself from the mindset that the old Nook fell into. Any files or photos are likely gone, too. That’s okay, though — it’s that clean slate thing. I’d rather be fresh, but maintain the history that’s built up. As to the old Blogger and BlogWorks files — I’m ditching them entirely.

As to comments, they will be moderated — the first time you comment, it’ll sit until I allow it through. I figure this is one way to beat the spammers.

Now, how did this name come about? Folks know I’m a major Railroad Earth fan. They do a song called The Butterfly and The Tree, which was originally a From Good Homes song. That’s okay, since Todd Sheaffer, the lead singer of Railroad Earth, was the singer for FGH and wrote the song. It’s a beautiful little love song, and here are the lyrics:

the butterfly and the tree.
Lyrics – Todd Sheaffer

we were in a field a mile from nowhere
the sun up high
in a field, the grass was flowin’
she looked me in they eye

hey, she said, I’ve a fantasy
I’ll paint you & you paint me
ooh, I said, what shall we be?
she said, I’ll be a butterfly
you’ll be a tree

green & blue & red & yellow
the colors dried
I looked at her, she looked at me
we laughed into the sky

ooh, she said, look & see!
I am a butterfly, you are a tree
yes, I said, I agree
you are a butterfly
I am a tree

create a day up on a mountain
the world below
time was easy, time was lazy
movin’ nice & slow
bird flyin’ off into the blue
troubles far away
sweet you were my lovely, lovely
on that perfect day

ooh, she said, I feel so free
I am a butterfly, you are a tree
yes, I said, and a lucky tree
of all of the forest
you land on me

(do you love me
baby I love you
when you love me
the way that you do)

Now that you know how my URL came to be, care to hazard a guess as to what URL Kim has moved to?

2 Responses to we laughed into the sky

  • I understand the urge to drop political blogging. I could rant and rave right now about so much, and it’s not productive anger. Instead I’m trying to direct that energy into something that makes me happy.

  • Well, at what post to welcome your new site?

    This one wins and the site looks great!