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What a way to ride, Oh what a way to go – January 31st, 2008

February 1, 2008
What a way to ride, Oh what a way to go – January 31st, 2008

Yeah! Now this is how to kick off a three night run at Mexicali Blues! Pull out some of the lesser-played-of-late tunes for the smaller weeknight crowd and blow everyone’s minds. There were so many fantastic moments last night, but the ones I will comment on are these:

The Carrying Coal to Newcastle > Mighty River combination is always potent to me, and the jam into Mighty River was extra-good last night. As always, Just So You Know was a hoot, even though Todd didn’t sing the Working on a Building section, but rather just played his ass off through it.

Set 2 was filled with incredible musicianship and partisanship by Timmy toward the New York Giants. šŸ™‚ If there was a weak moment during the second set, it was during Railroad Earth, itself. 1759 was uber-heady and I may buy John a few dozen cases of Guinness and a few more copies of Rum Sodomy & The Lash by The Pogues in case he wears his out, just to keep him composing like this.

Acadian Driftwood! Soul of a Man! A seventeen minute gooey Birds of America! RV! Bread & Water!

And lest we forget, Neil Young’s Powderfinger.

One down, two to go. And they were just warming up last night. No new tunes, but hopefully tonight and tomorrow.

January 31, 2008
Mexicali Blues Cafe
Teaneck, New Jersey

Set 1:

New Lee Highway Blues –>
Saddle of the Sun
Keep Movin’ On
Just So You Know
Carrying Coal to Newcastle –>
Mighty River

Set 2:

Loving You
1759 –>
Rueben’s Train
Soul of a Man
Acadian Driftwood
Giants Cheer
Shockenaw Mountain Breakdown
Birds of America
Bread and Water
Railroad Earth



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