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How to Get My Attention…the Wrong Way

How to Get My Attention…the Wrong Way

Write this in the comments section of a post about IVF:

i am not holy but I know 3 different couples that were either blessed directly by the Pope or had him bless an item before them and low nad behold..lots of babies followed.

good luck!

Now, I didn’t approve the comment and don’t plan on it, especially with your blog title of Husbands: Vent pros & cons of Marriage that was just started yesterday (I’m not posting a link to it, as he isn’t worth the traffic, not that anyone appears to have gone to it). Dude, really, you have no clue. Infertility has nothing to do with the Pope’s influence on Kim’s womb. In fact, your statement about that and three different couples brings forth a simple statement from me:

Domine, domine, bullshit.

Seriously, anyone who believes that by simply getting the Pope’s attention on me and Kim, or on an object we would then touch/see/smell/whatever, we would then become pregnant, is uninformed for a number of reasons. One, there is no evidence that this works, or that you even know anyone who had this happen (based on your spelling, I tend to think not)

Two, if you’d taken a moment to even look through my site, you’d probably see that I’m pagan. I don’t subscribe to Judeo-Christian-Islamic cosmological viewpoint, thankyouverymuch.

Three, do a little research about infertility before commenting out of the blue on someone’s site about that sort of thing. What you said is the same sort of crap you hear from people that’s along this line, “Oh, you just need to relax. Go on a vacation and watch, you’ll get pregnant.”

This sort of shit pisses me off, as y’all might have noticed.

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