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Learn the Lingo

Learn the Lingo

Another in my series of posts on IVF from the husband’s viewpoint, designed for those guys who are panicking over how to deal with the whole process, both for themselves, as well as understanding what their wives may be going through. Some humor is involved, but some times it’ll be more serious. This is all from my own perspective, so your experiences may differ wildly. 

For those husbands out there in IVF-land who haven’t figured it out yet, it’s probably a wise idea to start paying attention when your wife is talking about all the various stages of IVF and the terminology involved. Why? Because if you start regularly calling the transfer of embryos “implantation,” you’re bound to open yourself up to a can of whup-ass that could have been avoided had you only done a little legwork.

Better yet, do yourself a favor and actually research some of this on your own.* See, this is all very scientific, and being the unscientific fellow that I am (I may like science fiction, but hard science makes my eyes glaze over…), it takes a bit to get it all correct.

Learn what retrieval is, as well as its relation to transfer. Know what the trigger shot is, and the importance of its timing. Progesterone? Get used to it. Especially if you’re going to be doing the daily injections (which we no longer do — Kim now uses Crinone cream). Learn the timeframes involved — that one will really help you out.

In fact, the humor in this post contains some very simple information you should know.

But bottom line, do yourself a favor and learn the lingo. You won’t regret it.

* Not that I did this, mind you, but at least I’ve gotten a good enough handle on it to understand all the various items that can come up in conversation.

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