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I Have Become George Jetson

I Have Become George Jetson

The Jetsons Videophone

This morning, we finally got my laptop configured with my videophone connection. We use Cisco VoIP phones here at The Firm and some of us (mostly the trainers and some IT people) are now using the Cisco Unified Video Advantage as well, basically piloting the system for The Firm. I have a little webcam on top of my monitor that now automatically kicks in if the person on the other end also has one of these cameras.

I have to say, this is very, very cool. I do, indeed, feel like George, although as of yet, no one has called me to berate me on it. We have done some calls with people though, just to see how it looks with multiple people on a call, as well as testing its compatibility with AIM, which is excellent.

So where’s my freakin’ flying car?!?!?

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