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Meeting Etiquette

April 8, 2008
Meeting Etiquette

I’m on a weekly call for a new product we’re testing out that will help track a young associate’s progress — sort of a checklist application they will fill out weekly that will then go to their supervising attorneys who will use it to assign them to new work they’ve not done before. Written a brief? Check. Sit second chair in court? Check. It’s a career-growth checklist, if you will. Very cool stuff and it’s actually being written around my firm’s specifications.

The manager in charge of this project has a habit of blowing into calls late and hijacks the call immediately, totally side-tracking the in-progress meeting. Even when someone is talking, tough — they immediately begin talking. The call eventually gets back on track, but it’s frustrating and rude.

Every. Single. Call.

And not just calls for this project. Anything they are affiliated with, this happens.

Jebus, save me.

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