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Random Thoughts Regarding San Diego

May 9, 2008
Random Thoughts Regarding San Diego

I was in San Diego earlier this week (Sunday through Wednesday morning) and have a number of observations to make.

  • There are a lot of homeless people in the city. We noticed this when we were in San Francisco, too. I know we have them in New York City, but they just seem more obvious in California.
  • The city, itself, is a mix of very new right next door to rundown, shuttered, graffiti covered buldings.
  • I was astonished by the amount of garbage I saw just laying on the streets. Granted, Monday was Cinco de Mayo, but this was present through Wednesday morning when I was leaving.
  • The Gaslamp District is cool.
  • I couldn’t find a goddamned breakfast place at 7:30 AM Monday. Tattoos, yes, as I saw probably ten different open shops, but no breakfast joints. I’m spoiled living and working in New York, where there’s thousands of places within walking distance.
  • San Diegoans apparently allow themselves to be medically experimented on a lot. In the pages of the San Diego Weekly Reader — their version of the Village Voice — I saw page after page of ads looking for people with every possible problem imaginable for test groups on new drugs.
  • There does seem to be a vibrant local music scene.
  • I love palm trees. People sell healthy ones that grow on their yards for up to $20,000. Who knew?
  • The Red Bull Air Races look cool and I wish they came to NYC; I’d go. I only saw a little from the cab. The planes were flying over an aircraft carrier in the Bay and it was very, very cool.

I’m in Boston today and can’t wait to get home. It’s been a long, long week.

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  • Next time you’re in the Gaslamp, Scott, check out Croce’s.

    It’s run by Jim Croce’s widow, in his honor.

    The food is overpriced (but perhaps not so noticable to a New Yorker like you) but the music there (and next door) tends toward the wonderful. The last time I was there the music at Croce’s was a wonderful latin jazz and the music next door (free and freely move back and forth [if you keep buying drinks] with a hand stamp) was really down and dirty blues.

  • There are a ton of biotech companies in San Diego, many of them founded by Scripps grads. That may explain the clinical trials ads.

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