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I'm still alive. Really.

I'm still alive. Really.

It was brought to my attention that I haven’t really posted much in a couple weeks. Well, life’s been busy. Work is nuts — it’s summer associate season (rabbit season!) — and I was in Boston for two days for that and other work, getting home last night.

Last Sunday, the car died out in Queens while I was driving home with our grocery order from Fresh Direct. Under the LIE. In a baaaad section of town. However, within minutes, a nice guy named Harry, and his wife, stopped and offered assistance. He sped off and found a nearby garage that just happened to be opened, and then used his car to push me there. I was then able to leave it and get a car service home with the groceries. All in an hour. It restored my faith in humanity — at least in NYC.

The car is still being repaired (turned out to be the distributor) and hopefully will be ready tomorrow morning — I’ll find out later today. We were going to try and go to DelFest down in Maryland this weekend with a bunch of hobos, but the car repairs precluded that. It’s not like we won’t have more live music in the future; we’re just bummed we’ll miss Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet. We can see Railroad Earth a lot, but not her. Now we’re talking about hitting Grey Fox in July and maybe find a way into All Good for just one day (July 13th, as we’ll be an hour and a half away due to a family gathering in Pittsburgh the day before) when Railroad Earth will be there.

The new Railroad Earth tunes (available here for a sneak peak) are wonderful and I’m excited to hear them live.

Other than that, work is just really busy as I mentioned. I’ve also finally dusted off Neverwinter Nights 2 and am enjoying that as well. Currently playing a halfling mage/rogue combination and am kicking some butt. It fills my RPG needs for the moment, so that’s also good.

And who isn’t loving the new Battlestar: Galactica episodes? JUUUUUUMMMMP! Wow! Did not see that one coming!

So yes, I’m still alive. And yes, the Railroad Earth stuff shoulda gone in the other blog, but this is stream-of-consciousness. 🙂

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