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Feeling Scrabulous

June 18, 2008
Feeling Scrabulous

I’ve been playing a lot of Scrabulous (it’s Scrabble, really) over on Facebook for a while, and I’m getting really disappointed in some of my friends and acquaintainces. Why?

They cheat. They’re obviously using online letter unscramblers to come up with mega-words that I really suspect some of them would never know. Case in point, one friend just laid down galyak on me for a triple word score of 39.

Galyak. What the hell does that mean?? Well, a search of the interwebnets reveals: “A flat glossy fur made from the pelt of a stillborn lamb or kid.”

Mm hmm. Riiiiight. I wouldn’t be as suspicious if this person also hadn’t laid down anuria, hearken, negator, quattre, dashi, and pavin in the same game. Now, I’m not great at this game — Kim is the great player of the family — so you really don’t need to use these websites to cheat when playing me. I’ve seen this behaviour in someone else, too, as has Kim. Folks, really — do you get such a perverse pleasure from dominating me by cheating that you have to keep doing it?

It’s irritating and disappointing as I mentioned.

And for the record, I’m barely holding on in that game above — it’s 180 for my opponent, and 173 for me, and it’s my turn to play.

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