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A Simple Request Regarding My Photos

A Simple Request Regarding My Photos

A general announcement: Folks, if you’re going to use one of my photos from flickr in a CD review or for some other purpose, please note that the photo is most likely tagged as All rights reserved. What this means is I control the rights to the photo, completely. If you want to use it, all I request is that you ask me if it’s okay to use it. I’ll be flattered, really. And I’ll say, “Sure, go ahead. Just attribute me.”

I don’t want to have to start tagging all my photos with a copyright notice in the bottom right corner. That’s a pain in the ass.

I bring this up because someone used a photo of mine in a review of AMEN CORNER (the photo currently isn’t available as I let my flickr account expire — need to fix that…). I commented on his blog nicely, but firmly. Hopefully he fixes it.

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