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Mostly Autumn – Carpe Diem

June 26, 2008
Mostly Autumn – Carpe Diem

This is from this past May in Edinburgh. Looks like almost the entire show might be up on Youtube. Gotta say, I like these prog-rockers.

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  • There’s a lot from that show on YouTube, and unlike too many YouTube clips, they’re pretty good quality recordings of what by accounts from those who were there was a really great show. I’ve seen too many with such poor-quality audio and video they’re not a good advert for the band, but these ones are good.

    They’ve been playing a very strong setlist on this tour; the new songs have been coming over well; I know there are great versions of “Flowers for Guns” and “Tearing at the Faerytale” up there; I don’t know if “Unoriginal Sin” is on there or not, but that’s been really intense live.

    Oh, and Carpe Diem is one of my favourite songs of theirs.

    Bryan Josh doesn’t really like YouTube; he’s very concerned about poor-quality stuff that gives a bad impression. I’m not sure I agree with him; when a band is locked out of mainstream radio due to being too small to afford to play pluggers, YouTube is the only exposure they’re going to get.

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