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Review Season

July 19, 2008
Review Season

It wasn’t until I moved to my current firm that I discovered there were more than four seasons in a year. There’s also Review Season, which begins in late April and continues through mid-late July. During this time, everyone in The Firm who is a staff member gets reviewed. It’s brutal on those management folks with large staffs, but that’s how it’s done. First we review ourselves, then our immediate managers review us, and finally department heads weigh in, determining what percent your raise will be.

I was, as always, nervous moving into this Review Season. I was feeling out of sorts, but then, I always feel this way at this time of year. I fill myself with self-doubt as I ask all sorts of questions of myself: Did I do a lot this past year? (Yes) Did I present a professional manner to The Firm? (Yes)

And many, many more questions.

I know I shouldn’t get nervous, because I know I’m an excellent trainer, excelling at many facets of my job. But I do get nervous. Every. Single. Year. It’s only natural, I suppose, as it keeps me from getting complacent, like I was when I worked at Condé Nast. Believe me, the last five or six years I was there, it got worse and worse as I felt entitled to things I wasn’t getting. Not that management there helped matters at all, but I digress.

This year, the review was this week, and I must say, I was pleased with the results. More than, actually, given the economy and the way The Firm has been cutting back on things. I got the same level review as I got last year, and just a shade under the same percent increase. That is excellent, in light of how I think a few of my peers may have compared.

So I’m happy, bordering on ecstatic, actually. Something I rarely was in my final years at Condé or in my short year-plus at Reed Smith.


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