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Adventures in Shopping

Adventures in Shopping

Reader’s of Kim’s blog will be well aware that this week brought some potentially surprising news that ended up being much ado about nothing when all was said and done.  

However, there was a moment that was both amusing and frustrating for me, which came in the drug store on Monday when I went to pick up a pregnancy test. I’m a modern man, you see, unflustered by requests to run to the store to pick up tampons and other wimmenly thangs when the need arises. As such, I think nothing about standing in line with whatever Kim has asked me to pick up, items clearly visible in my hands as opposed to those gentlemen I run across who are embarrassed by such things and try to hide them in all sorts of ways. Personally, I don’t get it, but that’s me.

I guess that culturally, it’s even more of a stigma for a man to go shopping for pregnancy tests, even when it’s for his own wife and it’s something they’ve been working on. So there I stood in line, pregnancy test proudly clenched in hand, when I realized that several people in the line behind me had been looking at me. Rolling my eyes, I approached the next open register, where the young woman behind it looked like she was positively embarrassed for me.

“Would you like a double bag for this sir?” she asked quietly, glancing around to no one in particular after ringing up the sale. “Nope, I’ll just put the bag inside my own bag,” I cheerfully replied, indicating my work bag.  I then stared as she put it into a second bag anyway, before awkwardly handing it over to me with almost shaking hands. She looked at me for a second before realizing I was giving her the, “What the fuck?” look. I just shook my head at that point, took the bag, and stuck it into my bag and headed out.

I just don’t get it. Why is there a stigma associated with this? I’m obviously a married man and it really shouldn’t come up on anyone’s radar other than, “He’s making a purchase.” Yet there I was, obviously making a young woman uncomfortable.

I really just don’t get society at times.

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