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Circle songs and sands of time

Circle songs and sands of time

Sorry I’ve been absent of late; it’s just been busy and it seems I never remember to blog when I have the time. I think about all sorts of blog posts that I wish to write, but they sit there, unwritten, in the cluttered recesses of my mind.

While surfing around my usual haunts this morning, I was struck by something that hadn’t occurred too much before, and it set me to thinking about our desire to forge a new family beyond our current one. You see, lots of our online friends have been in the process of either sending their kids off to college, the military, or even first grade. They’re all wrestling with forms of empty nest syndrome, or just the fact that their little girl is now old enough to head off to school on her own. Meanwhile, we’re still working on just getting a child.

I certainly never expected the twists and turns that fate sent our way once we started working on a family. It’s eight years, now, since we actively started trying, and surely it shouldn’t be this complicated and difficult, right? People get pregnant at the drop of a hat. The papers are filled with stories of abandonment, abuse, and fates far worse for unwanted children. There must be a way for us to resolve this easily.

And how is it that it has been eight years that we’ve been working on this? It’s not that I’m feeling my age, it’s just that it feels like forever since we started down this road. If we’d gotten Kim pregnant back when we first started trying in 2000, we’d have a seven year old today. Next week she’d be off to second grade, probably. Heh, weird that I called the child a she in the last sentence — that just came out without thinking.

I swear, I’m going to go all Raising Arizona-like at some point. I want nothing more than for Kim to be someone’s mom, and for me to be someone’s dad. Hopefully I don’t have to resort to the aforementioned tactics…

It must be the weather making me receptive to such thoughts — turning toward autumn always brings stuff like this out in me. 🙂

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