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Politics on a Rainy Morning

September 26, 2008
Politics on a Rainy Morning

I’ve hardly said much this campaign season about how I feel about things. Part of it is the burn-out I went through with the 2004 elections, part of it the fact that the campaigns started so early this year, and part of it is simply apathy. I’ve just not been involved overly much in the campaigns.

Until the day after the Democratic Convention that is, when the Sarah Palin bombshell was dropped.

You don’t need me to regurgitate the countless ways she’s eminently unqualified to hold the office of Vice President — there are far more interesting sites with writers far more willing to write on at great lengths about her than I have the inclination to do. So where does that leave me, if I’m clearly not in the McCain camp?

How about some discussion on Obama? I haven’t really talked about him at all, especially since he wrapped up the nomination in June. Frankly, I’m beyond disappointed in him. His claim to be a force of Change (capital C) was only so much hot air, given his rapid tack toward the Center ever since. His voting for FISA only pissed me off more, and his selection of Joe Biden over Hillary left me nonplussed, especially given the inclusion of Sarah Palin on the GOP ticket.

Is it asking too much of a candidate to stick by his or her beliefs and principles?

So where does that leave me? Neither Party really seems to represent me, even though I am a registered Democrat. I think that my actual affiliation these days is Not Republican. That doesn’t necessarily mean Democrat, and it most certainly doesn’t mean Ralph Nader. It just means I will not vote Republican.

I’ve come to the realization that our political system is completely broken. Yesterday’s collapse of an agreement surrounding the financial crisis only highlights this — Congressional Democrats had a deal with the Secretary of the Treasury, only to have Congressional Republicans torpedo it. The administration’s own Party put the kibosh on things. Surprising to me, based on the soundbites I’ve heard, I actually agree with those Republicans, too, for the most part.

Scary times.

Still doesn’t mean I’d vote for Those People.

So if I’m Not Republican, who do I actually vote for come Election Day? Kim’s hit upon the answer, which will require more research from me before I head to the polls. We’re not going to vote that night until about 8:30 PM (polls in New York close at 9 PM). We’re going to be watching closely, to see how well McCain is doing in New York. It’s unlikely he’ll do well, but given the long odds that he does put New York into play, I will vote for Obama.

Otherwise, I will be researching third party candidates who did get onto the New York ballot. I plan on having a candidate in hand who matches my beliefs closer than Obama does, which hopefully won’t be that difficult.

So there you have it, my current political stance for the world to read.

4 Responses to Politics on a Rainy Morning

  • You really have to vote for Obama if there’s the remotest possibility of New York being in play. The prospect of a batshit-crazy rapture cultist in the White House is too awful to contemplate. The rest of the world is relying on the American people to make the right choice

    Palin is not George Bush in drag, she’s Osama bin Laden in drag.

    I just hope the rumours that the right are planning a coup d’etat if they don’t get the result the want turn out to be unfounded.

  • No fears — New York is firmly Democrat and has been for a long time in national elections (ignore the many years of Pataki as governor — the Dems never put up a decent opponent during that time). If it even marginally looks like McCain may be making headway, I’ll vote Obama.

    Otherwise, it’s some small third party. We need to break the hold of the Big Two in this country and bring true reform to American politics. Not lip-service.

  • Hi, Scott and Kim: Please don’t wait until 8:30 if it’s close! So many things could (and might) happen. There might be long lines. The machines might not be working right. There could be idiots checking in the voters. Who knows?

    We cannot afford four more years of stupidity (and – although it’s almost beyond one’s imagination that this next statement is possible – these two gosh darn mavericks are going to be WORSE than W.). Please vote as early as you can get there. Please. Your country needs you. (Okay, the SANE people in your country need you.) Thanks.

  • It won’t be close in New York — that’s one of the many nice things about living in a sane part of the country.

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