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Three Things the New York Rangers Need to Do

December 10, 2008
Three Things the New York Rangers Need to Do
  1. Sign Brendan Shanahan to bring some leadership to a team sorely lacking in it. I love Chris Drury, but he suffers from Brian Leetch Syndrome when it comes to being captain. He can stay captain, but Shanny needs to come back.
  2. Fire Tom Renney. He’s floundering as coach. The large amount of wins in the first month was simply the stars aligning right. Constant juggling of lines does not work, Tom, give it a rest. And the powerplay outage has been just awful.  Renney hasn’t been able to right the capsizing ship, so needs to go.
  3. And lastly, lurking in the future, is there a Mark Messier era, replacing Glen Sather? I’m not sure of this one, myself, but it’s out there being talked about by lots of people. My guess is we’d see some old Oilers/Rangers return in the coaching staff if it happened. But Slats has compromising pictures of owner Jim Dolan (it has to be that), so this is still in the distant future.

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