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Friday Update

December 20, 2008
Friday Update

It was an up and down sorta day. I got down to the hospital around 1:15 PM and found Kim without her drip. That was nice news, for certain. She had a shunt in each hand for drips yesterday, and today was down to one.

We had a really good afternoon, including a number of walks up and down the hall, a nice spell in the patient lounge watching the snow fall across Roosevelt Island and the 59th Street Bridge. She was definitely doing better. Later in the afternoon, though, she noticed redness and warmth around her incision (I should note that the incision was almost as long as prior ones — probably six inches, total, as the surgeon needed to work around adhesions again and I guess this might have been part of it). She called the nurse in who then called her doctor. He came up around 6 PM and said that it did look like a minor infection — these things happen — and that he would get her on IV antibiotics to bring it back down.

It was probably 10 PM when the antibiotics finally showed up from the pharmacy. The nurse got Kim set-up, but as he was leaving, she noticed that there appeared to be a problem with the drip — the liquid was pooling on her hand. The IV appeared blocked or something. They had to call an IV nurse in to run a new line, but they hadn’t shown by the time I left.

I asked the intern/resident/attending who popped in tonight if she can come home tomorrow, and she said it’s possible, if the infection goes down. Wish we knew for certain, as I need to know whether or not to drive in and park at the hospital. I may end up doing that, anyway, as it’s simply faster in and out than taking the subway, even if it can cost a bit for an entire day.

I just want her home.

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