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Monday Update: Homeward Bound

December 23, 2008
Monday Update: Homeward Bound

I didn’t post the Sunday update here, but it’s over on facebook – bottom line is that the infection got a lot worse, so she had to spend last night there. Here’s today:

After a somewhat uneventful night, Kim was told early today that she was probably coming home. Infection was down and all systems were go. All we needed to do was wait for her doctor to come by and start the process.

Unfortunately, during the wait, a new roommate appeared for Kim, and she was, simply put, a complainer. This was her third room since she’d arrived, and nothing was good — I can just imagine how the staff was reacting to her. Her attitude actually drove Kim out of the room.

Finally, around 3 PM, Dr. Holcomb appeared with several followers, and just like that, she was in discharge mode. Two hours later, we were in a car coming home.

I then made a quick trip out to fill her prescriptions and picked up some groceries. I cooked her a dinner of franks and beans (her request) and then she napped for about an hour and a half on the couch with the Christmas tree turned on (incomplete decorations, but it’s home and comforting). We then got her ready for bed, and here I am typing away. First pain pill is at 1:30 eastern.

My baby is home!

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