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Home Sweet Home

December 24, 2008
Home Sweet Home

The first full day home was a smashing success, I have to say. Both of us got a pretty decent night’s sleep when the alarm went off for her morning pills around 6:30 AM. After that, we both went back to sleep for a bit longer, finally getting up around 8-8:30.

The visiting nurse showed up shortly after noon and spent a large amount of time wrangling with beauracracy before finally being able to change Kim’s dressing. The good news is that the woundvac will arrive tomorrow, which means the nurse only needs to come every three or so days to change dressings. This woundvac gadget is supposed to be a wonder-device, aiding with keeping wounds like Kim’s super-clean. We’ll see them with the device tomorrow around 9 AM.

The rest of the day was spent lounging about, eating macaroons (thanks, Steph!!) and sleeping — both of us. I finally heard from the doctor’s office around 5:30 in regards to guaranteeing Kim has enough pain medication to carry her through Christmas — I’m driving into Manhattan after the visiting nurse leaves tomorrow to pick up the script, which is going to be large enough to carry through New Year’s.

All in all, I’d say Kim’s doing very well. She still has pain — the wound, as we’re calling it now, is over 10 centimeters long, 6 cm wide, and 4+ cm deep. Yeah, it’s not small. It’s funny, but what turned out to be the simplest surgery she’s had is resulting in the longest recovery. Go figure.

She did jokingly say earlier this evening, “So we’re going to Penn’s Peak, right?”

Gotta love a woman who says she wants to see a show two and a half weeks after major surgery, even in jest… 😉

So that’s today’s update. Some cleanup left to do around here, and then I’ll see she gets her pain meds at 2 AM. Then it’s time for some sleep.

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