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Baby Steps

December 26, 2008
Baby Steps

I haven’t written one of these for a few days and figured it was time. Kim’s recovery is very slow, due to the fact that she has this enormous wound in her belly. It’s 10 cm long, about 5 cm wide, and over 4 cm deep. The good news is that the tissue is pink and healthy, which is what we want.

The visiting nurse is a lovely woman named Lois who has been here every day since Tuesday. She’s sweet and careful and has done a wonderful job on Kim’s wet dressings. Today was the big day, though — the WoundVac that’s been sitting in our kitchen since Wednesday was put into operation with the assistance of a nurse from the company that makes it.

In essence, what’s happening is a vacuum has been created over the wound, enclosing a special sponge which draws out the bad and stimulates rapid cell growth — up to four times the normal speed. It then drains through a tube to a device that traps it and makes it solidify. This then gets changed every three days. Everyone we speak to about these says they’re incredible devices and really are the bee’s knees. She carries around the battery pack like a purse when walking, which is done very carefully, as she’s still quite weak and in pain from the operation. It’s truly astounding to me how much we use our abdominal muscles without realizing it.

It’s going to be quite a while before she’s active with anything resembling normalcy and this frustrates her. She can’t even sit at her computer for more than a moment here and there.

Christmas was spent quietly, just the two of us, and it was lovely. I am joyous she was home for it, instead of having to spend it at the hospital. I’m worried, though, that she’s not going to be too mobile by January 5th, when I’m due back at work. If, by the middle-end of next week, she’s not made big gains, I’m going to take another week off to take care of her. She’s due at the doctor’s for a follow-up visit on January 8th, at which I hope the news is good.

So, that’s the news from this end. Please keep Kim in your healing thoughts — the WoundVac is going to do a lot, but knowing that folks are sending vibes her way is also a plus.


3 Responses to Baby Steps

  • There’s an abundance of good thoughts coming at you, Kim and the technology from way over here, Scott.

  • There’re still more good thoughts and stuff coming toward you and Kim from here, Scott.

    Much, much more.

  • Scott, prayers for Kim’s speedy recovery coming from this section of the World as well. I asked my Mom to add Kim’s name to her church’s prayer circle on Xmas Day so we’re all rooting for a speedy recovery. If U don’t mind, I shared the news with Diana so she can also pray for Kim. Keep your chin up, everything’s going to be all right. You’re right about the abdominals, we need them for everything! Tell Kim to take it easy and to not push herself at all. Better slow and steady than to relapse, take it from me, been down this tummy road.

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