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Tuesday Update on Kim

December 30, 2008
Tuesday Update on Kim

Hi all,

Time for an update, since it’s been several days. First off, the wound vac is an amazing piece of technology. The wound is already healing from the inside out as a result, and from Friday to Monday, we saw a decrease in depth of .4 centimeters (just 3.8 cm to go). That’s not insubstantial. The tissue is healthy and pink, which is excellent, but she has to carry the device everywhere with her, and charge it not-unlike a cell phone overnight.

And while she’s seeing remarkable improvements, she still is unable to do just about anything for herself, including getting in and out of bed. She also can’t concentrate — probably due to the percocet — and as a result, has been unable to knit at all. Reading is slow-going, too, although she has spent a bit of time reading some books about her new camera that I got her for Christmas. She’s bummed she can’t do anything photography-related, as well.

It’s frustrating for her, because, really, there’s only so much television you can watch. She can only sit at her computer for very short bursts, and is unable to concentrate enough to write emails, status updates, or blog posts. She does use twitter, because she posts there via her cell phone. So if you tweet, look for her under the name Kendiala (I’m Kyrion there).

I’d forgotten one aspect of recovery and convalescence, even though I’ve been through something similar to this with her twice before: I feel like I’ve slipped into Faerie, where one can stay for what they think is a night, but when they leave, a hundred years have passed.

It’s December 30th, and tomorrow marks two weeks since Kim’s surgery. On one hand, it feels like an eternity ago, but on the other, I feel as though I was just in the hospital this morning to bring her home. And on the gripping hand, it’s as though there’s never been a time where we’ve not been doing this. Weird, I know, but you enter a fugue-like state — the Faerie comparison, if you will — where all that exists is the little bubble around the house.

Pain is still prevalent. It’s strange in that this surgery was technically the least serious of the three she’s had, but the infection turned it into the most difficult recovery for her.

As a result, I’m taking next week off now as well. She really needs me here and I’m fortunate to have a very understanding Firm for an employer. Special thanks to my friend and supervisor, Chris, for being so understanding during all of this.

And that’s the news for December 30th.


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