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Re-entry for a night owl

January 21, 2009
Re-entry for a night owl

Coming back to work last week on Wednesday was really great, as I love my job and pretty much everything about it. The people are great, the work I do is great, and the pay is great. What’s not to love about that?

Well, there is one thing: During my time off, I reverted back to my normal sleep habits, which means late nights — often very late nights. I am most decidedly not a morning person. I can pass as one, and some times actually want to get up early on my own to do something, but given my druthers, I’d be up until 3-4 AM every night.

This all started back when I worked for Condé Nast Publications in the early 90’s. I worked the 11 AM – 7 PM shift, and lived within walking distance of the office — a mere ten minutes and I was there. This meant I could get up at 10:15, jump in the shower and be out the door by 10:45, stopping for breakfast on the way in and still be on time.

As a result, I could stay up until the wee-hours and still get 6 hours of sleep. If I wanted more, it was easy, and I could still be up until 1 AM.

This was fed by my then-online gaming habit. I was on the old GEnie network in those days and played Fed II and then later, Gemstone III and DragonRealms. All the good stuff happened after midnight, usually, at least in the latter two games, so it melded nicely with my sleep schedule.

Being home with Kim for the month that I was, I found myself moving onto her schedule — she’d nap a lot, and be up at odd hours, which led me to being up late most every night. I kept busy when she wasn’t awake by playing Company of Heroes or Silent War, so the gaming habit was fed by the late hours. I found it extremely interesting how easily I moved back into my night owl mode.

But now? Oof. I still want to stay up late, but I need to be up at 6:30 AM in order to be out the door by 8 AM. It hasn’t been easy, I can assure you. All I want to do on the train ride in is sleep, which means I’m not reading, which irks me — train rides are my reading time!

Hopefully I can force myself to bed at a reasonable time starting tonight. I’m no use to anyone when I’m beat, especially Kim.

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