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Branchings #2

April 9, 2009
Branchings #2

Been busy lately. Caught The Tony Rice Unit at Mexicali Live a few weeks ago — our first show since Kim’s surgery. Our friend Barbara met us and it was quite the pleasant night. So much so that we’re hitting the Gaelic Storm/The Prodigals show tomorrow night with her and our friend Koreen. Should be a jig-punk kinda night — I’m psyched.

Twitter is keeping me active and I think I’ll be adding the twitter-roundup tool here so I can have a daily digest of tweets. If you’re there, add me as a buddy — I’m http://www.twitter.com/kyrion.

Got asked by Grubb to be a moderator on the beta Railroad Earth message board, so that’s also news, I suppose. He has plans to take over the cyberverse, it appears. Their shows this year have been excellent from what I hear on the tapes, and they’re even tweeting setlists nightly as songs are played. How cool is that?

Work is busy. I have three separate writing projects, one with a deadline of this coming Monday. Meep! I’m also working on bringing online the Training Blog for my team, so that’s a fun project, too. It uses SharePoint with a third-party GUI (you need that, as I hear SharePoint’s default tools are…shall we say, “sparse?”).

Taeghan made 40th level in Gemstone this past weekend. I’m having a lot of fun playing him, as he’s hit the beginning of the good spot for paladins, from what I understand. Next goal is 50th level, which could happen by, oh, summer’s end? Maybe early Autumn.

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