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Has it really been seven years?

April 21, 2009
Has it really been seven years?

Since I lost most of my old archives when I moved from The Gamer’s Nook to this URL back in 2005, I went digging just now over on the Wayback Machine for when I first posted a blog entry.  Seems I’m a bit late for a retrospect:

April 14th, 2002. I thought it was a week or two later than that, but no, the first entries are 4.14.

Kim posted her thoughts the other day on her blog turning seven, so it’s my turn.

When I started blogging, I’d been following my friend Steph’s blog for…yeesh, three or four years, probably, at that point. She was the first blogger I knew of, well ahead of her time. When Kim mentioned she wanted to start one, I chimed in, “Me, too!” and shortly thereafter, up came the blog. I’d had the domain at least since April, 2000, and had a bunch of stuff up there for gaming purposes. I had written a piece on Kim’s old site about censuring Clinton and moving on, and the idea of writing on my own domain took form first as individual pages, which finally became the blog.

Looking back at the earliest days of the blog, it seemed simpler. I blogged about life and what was happening in it. Some time around September 2002, I got into my first real blog dispute with some blogfriends over the Pledge of Allegiance, which led me to becoming more and more political on the blog. By the time 2003 and the March to War, I was a raving anti-Bush man, writing long pieces about the lies being told.

Then life took over, and I had to focus energies elsewhere beginning in 2004. I had a new job, and while I blogged a lot, it was mostly links and copy/paste jobs. I was burned out on politics, and Bush winning in 2004 didn’t help. In 2005, I started talking about Railroad Earth a lot, and then I moved the blog from the old Gamer’s Nook domain over to this one. While I have taken the time to blog at length now and then, it has become a very infrequent thing to do for me. Other venues arose, including Facebook and lately, twitter.

The futre of this blog is not in doubt — I intend to keep it going. Kim has a new design she’s working on for me that I really like, including a blog name change. The URL will remain the same, but the title of the blog will fall more into line with the song that spawned this site’s name. It’ll make a wee-bit more sense.

As to me, I’ve changed in profound ways from when I began writing thing this back in 2002. I have a completely different career, which I actually enjoy. My relationship with Kim has evolved and deepened in countless ways, for which I am forever grateful. Our circle of friends has grown tremendously, and is a continuing surprise to me, I have to say.

I’m blessed in life, I truly am. And this blog has been a part of that for the past seven years. I’m not going anywhere — I’m here to stay.

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