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Colorado, Summertime!

September 1, 2009
Colorado, Summertime!

Friday, we’re off to Colorado for an extended stay to catch a bunch of live music. It’s sort of boggling, actually, how much we’re going to catch.

Friday night, we’ll be seeing Great American Taxi and Billy Nershi’s Blue Planet at the Buffalo Rose in Golden.

Saturday, we’ll be seeing Railroad Earth opening for the Allman Brothers at Red Rocks – w00t!

Saturday night, after the Red Rocks experience, it’s back to the Buffalo Rose for New Monsoon and a late night show.

Sunday, we’re off to Aspen with our good friends Barbara and Carl to see Railroad Earth at 11 PM — that’s going to be exhausting, I’m sure, mostly due to travel after what will most definitely be a very, very late night with New Monsoon.

Monday we’re driving to Lyons and a rental cabin with Barbara and Carl which should allow us some rest and relaxation after so much music in a couple days. The hot tub, I believe, is going to be used heavily…

Tuesday night we’re catching Warren Haynes acoustic in Boulder, which is going to be great — we haven’t caught Uncle Warren solo since 2004 when he was in the Dead and opened for them frequently. Some of my favorite memories of that tour surround Warren, in fact. On the days Robert Hunter opened for the Dead, Warren could be found out in the parking lot with his acoustic guitar and a speaker, drumming up interest for the upcoming Gov’t Mule album. Those were fun, fun times and I really can’t wait to see him alone in a theater. It’s being recorded for E-Town, so look for that on the airwaves at some point.

Wednesday we come home and crash for the remainder of the week. We’re definitely going to need it after all that!

This is the first extended trip we’ve made in a few years outside of the northeast, and I can’t wait for Friday morning to be here. I have a lot to do at work beforehand, so I guess it’s time to bid you all adieu for the moment. More anon, I’m sure.

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  • Enjoy Colorado, my old stomping ground (PhD from CU-Boulder in 1988), and give my regards to Lyons; my ex-partner’s mom used to own the Gateway Cafe there, and I waited tables for years.

    And thanks for giving me something to put on the LC Friday Blogaround!

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