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Is it Friday, yet?

September 3, 2009
Is it Friday, yet?

With Colorado looming tomorrow, it’s taking all of my energy to focus on the work I have to do today. It’s no small amount, too, and I suspect it’s not all getting completed. Just the nature of this particular beast — learning new software to create e-learning and it’s not exactly simple stuff. At least I’m not alone here, as many of my colleagues are also in the same ramp-up process I find myself in.

Oh, and I have a class to teach in 24 minutes and a big bi-weekly meeting at 2 PM… so what do I choose to do? Blog about it…

Yeah, good times. 7:10 AM can’t get here soon enough for wheels up. I need this vacation something fierce.

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  • I’m off to Leicester straight after work on Friday to see Breathing Space – 3 hour train journey gets me there just in time.

    Week’s holiday starts the following week – only one gig (probably), but also takes in a major model railway exhibition.

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