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Memories of some sweet days

September 10, 2009
Memories of some sweet days

There’s so much to blog about in regards to the trip out west, but the first item has to be that I have fallen in love with Colorado. In particular, with the mountains, and specifically, with the Boulder/Lyons area. First in Golden, where we hung out for a couple days for various shows, and then up into the mountains toward Aspen, I was completely blown away by the sheer beauty around me. The single most common word I said for about two days was, “Wow!”  Some times it was interjected with, “Holy wow!” but you get the point.

The only comparable experience I’ve had was when we were in Tahoe for Berry and Kim’s wedding a couple years back — I thought the scenery was stunning then, too.

So maybe it’s a thing about mountains.

Which is weird for me to think that maybe I could live there. I’ve always needed the ocean nearby, but after this trip, there’s a small niggling lingering in the background that makes me ponder about how great it might be to live out there. I doubt it’ll happen, as I expect that feeling to fade away in the next couple of days as I get further and further away from the experience, but for now, it’s a nice thought that makes me smile.

I would love to do a two night run in Boulder with Railroad, that’s for sure. The Mountain Sun Brew Pub would make a fantastic place for a pre-party…

Lyons was wonderful. We stayed here and had a great time Monday night and Tuesday. Falling asleep to a small mountain river bubbling along some fifty feet away was something I’d love to have every day. It was magic, plain and simple.

I’ll post more later about the music, as that was really special, and not just Railroad Earth.

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  • John and I LOVE the Rockies. We go out there every time we get a chance. The Canadian Rockies are spectacular. I was talking to Linda yesterday about how nice it would be to live out there. My company has an office in Boulder. We’ve been fantasizing about my transferring 🙂 But, like you, the feeling fades and we get used to our life here in New Jersey again.

  • Thanks for the memories of my old home town. And I know Shelly’s Cabins very well. I’m glad you had a good time… and it’s a great place to live. Let me know if you do, and I’ll get you some names.

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