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Daily Tweets for 2009-09-15

September 14, 2009
Daily Tweets for 2009-09-15
  • And the answer to Kim's tweet is: No. There have been a few Sandy Kenyons, it turns out. #
  • Ick. It's friggin' early! #
  • After a wonderful ten days off, it's hard heading back to work. #
  • I always hate the first day back at the office after a vacation – way too much to dig out from under. #
  • Big H1N1 initiative here at work. Continuation of business plans in place. Interested to see what they are. #
  • New format for hobocast coming shortly. #
  • RT @WWIIToday: Battleships found – the Hood http://ow.ly/pgoH and the Bismark: http://ow.ly/pgpv << VERY cool #
  • 195 years ago, today, Francis Scott Key wrote the poem, "The Star-Spangled Banner." (1814, for those who suck at math.) #
  • Man, lately I've been getting a lot of junk faxes at work. Does this actually work to drum up business? Seriously, it's stupid and annoying. #
  • Down to 14 unread emails in my inbox. 2+ hours of reading. Gah. #
  • Reading a little about Sanctuary, which sounds like it actually got interesting after we stopped watching it last season #
  • Railroad Earth at Fox Theater in Boulder on 11.19. Pity. I want to go to a 2 night run in Boulder some time. #
  • Had a friend at work surprised that I stay true to form and lose my voice on vacation. Yay me for paying attention for once! #
  • that I DIDN'T stay true to form. #
  • Had to teach the crowd to "woo!" during Mission Man in Aspen. #
  • Man, the Aspen show WAS all I remember it being. #
  • 3 night run in Boulder? Damn. Next time. #
  • RT @thenyrangers: Jagr regrets leaving New York: http://ow.ly/plxB <<< There's a surprise. #
  • Oh, I should have added, "NOT." on that one. #
  • RT @lesjenkins: All the Republican crazy from the 9/12 march you can handle: http://twurl.nl/r7cupn #
  • I like Kim's idea about Hobo Thanksgiving for the date. Allan, is that true about Greensky? #
  • I love Chuck Bass. #
  • Kim: "I'm sorry you suck at this, honey." – regarding my pitiful Bejeweled scores. #

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