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#hobocast Railroad Earth, 2009-09-05 – Red Rocks!

September 14, 2009
#hobocast Railroad Earth, 2009-09-05 – Red Rocks!

Welcome to the blog version of the #hobocast, something I’ve done for the past five or six months on twitter. What is #hobocast? It’s a link to a tape of a show over on Archive.org, usually, but not limited to Railroad Earth and their side projects. The reason the hashtag (#) is in the name is so it can be tracked on twitter, for those of you who don’t use that particular service.

I decided to put it here on the blog for several reasons.

  1. Now that the blog updates to twitter, I can post more info here instead of in a series of tweets like I’ve done in the past.
  2. It’ll hopefully generate more blog traffic.
  3. I like writing on the blog again.

So to kick off the blog version of the #hobocast, let’s go to the soundboard of Railroad Earth’s triumphant debut at Red Rocks last weekend. It was a perfect moment for the guys, opening for the Allman Brothers Band, and they played what was obviously a carefully constructed ninety minute set. This came as no surprise, I’m sure, to any of us who traveled out there for the shows (they played the next night in Aspen, of which there will be more soon, I promise). Click the link below to move over to the Archive and the media player will be in the upper right corner of the page.

Railroad Earth
September 5, 2009
Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Morrison, Colorado

In support of the Allman Brothers

Source:  SBD (48Khz 24 bit WAV)
Lineage: WAV > Sound Forge (convert to 44 Khz 16 bit, normalize to 98%, fades) > CDWAVE (track splits) > FLAC

Long Way To Go
Old Man and the Land
Like a Buddha
Railroad Earth
Bird in a House
Seven Story Mountain

Total time:  1:25.49

Thanks to Railroad Earth and Johnny Grubb

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