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Daily Tweets for 2009-09-22

September 21, 2009
Daily Tweets for 2009-09-22
  • It's a beautiful day… #
  • RT @sheldoncooper: Remove Neil Armstrong from text books?? @badastronomer outlines my home state's current lunacy: http://is.gd/3vwyX #
  • Drop @nyrangers due to their lousy twitter feed repeating stories 40-50 times. Lemme know when it's fixed. #
  • Rangers Win Cup 15 Years Ago: Onion piece which is great. http://tinyurl.com/nbxf2n #
  • Definitely not getting every tweet in TweetDeck lately. Have not upgraded, though. #
  • Toni Collette won Best Actress in a Comedy? Awesome – United States of Tara is pretty great. #
  • Back working on the eLearning again. Had to start yet again as my links bar was showing in browser windows I'm capturing. Woops! #
  • Hmmm. FB connection here hosed, and now my FB profile looks hosed to me -empty page is all I see. #
  • This must be what happened to ZHB from tooboard over the weekend with his FB page. #
  • Updated TweetDeck to 0.30.5… #
  • Looks like we missed snow in Boulder by 2 weeks? It's 44 degrees there at the moment. #
  • Upgrading to MSIE 8 at work… #
  • RT @EL_Ron: Last chance for RRE Red Rocks T-shirt. Check out link. http://bit.ly/3IBUKg #
  • It is gorgeous outside. Perfect. #
  • The Chase branch in my building is scary – as soon as you walk in, people descend upon you asking if they can help. It's overkill! #
  • This is getting old – Captivate once again appears to have corrupted a project. #
  • I really hate Adobe products at times. #
  • No bus tonight. Traffic is a nightmare this week due to the UN meeting. #
  • Next stop : Pelham Bay #
  • RT @kendiala: Cenobite pumpkin: http://bit.ly/WQ9ch #
  • HEROES seems to be starting out nicely. #

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