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Daily Tweets for 2009-09-23

September 22, 2009
Daily Tweets for 2009-09-23
  • Kim can name that tune in one note. Really. It was impressive. #
  • Hurm. It's early. Way too early. #
  • Back in Captivate – let's hope I don't get corruption again! #
  • RT @WiC_Blog: Pic of Maisie Williams aka Arya RT @jollyarcher http://twitpic.com/ia03l – Maisie and I. Maisie has been cast in a TV series. #
  • Grr. Was all set to run the final screen caps for my video, started the user-end of things, and forgot to turn on the screen cap! #
  • Now I need to re-do the entire process to get to that point. Fortunately, the screen caps are done for a lot. #
  • Kim's bread this week is another homerun for sandwiches. #
  • So FGH appears to be putting together a reunion this winter? Interesting. #
  • More proof Hollywood out of ideas: a Highlander reboot is planned. Why? It's not that old a freakin' movie. #
  • Hm. My overall tweet-count has been restored – well over 6,000. Must have been something with TweetDeck. #

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