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Daily Tweets for 2009-09-25

September 24, 2009
Daily Tweets for 2009-09-25
  • Wrack your brains with these railroad switching puzzles: http://bit.ly/xiW3Y and http://bit.ly/dFDaJ #
  • There appears to have been a breakthrough with an HIV vaccine. Very early results appear positive in a test in Thailand. #
  • Been listening to the Genesis Archive: 1967-1975 on the train the past day or so. Man, what a Supper's Ready! #
  • Watched The Good Wife last night. Decent, nice twist on a lawyer show. #
  • HSX appeared to screw up overnight – tons of movie funds went through the roof for some reason. #
  • Have made the master Captivate project. Now I have to set all delays to 0.1 second so things show. This on 71 slides worth of crap. TEDIOUS! #
  • Project compiled, tested, TOC built and sent for review. oof! #
  • Man, just Ithaca has shown on on Archive. #
  • Totally forgot that my review is later this afternoon. #
  • Ulf is interim head coach in Phoenix? Heh. #
  • I predict Dave King will take over as head coach, having been one. #
  • Deep breath… off to my review. #
  • Review was good, not great, but that was forced on all management this year – everyone got dinged down a level… #
  • doesn't get better than that, I feel. #
  • Tonight we're at the Garden to see the Rangers play the Caps. Section 97, Row J. I love the corporate seats! #
  • first time I've walked through Times Square n years. It's madness there, plane and simple. #
  • Plain, even. #
  • There's a reason New Yorkers keep away from Times Square. . . #
  • With thousands of places to choose from, the line outside of the Olive Garden was a disgrace. Huge. Barbarians. #
  • The wind is blowing harder now… I actually had that queued up as I walked through. Broadway is now closed and ia one big sidewalk. #
  • Cuckoo cocoon have I come too, too soon for you? #
  • The Garden. http://mypict.me/LfgT #
  • Rangers/Caps. #fb http://mypict.me/LfVg #
  • Henrik! http://mypict.me/Lg5s #
  • #fb http://mypict.me/LgaF #
  • Chaos as the kids take the ice. Love this. #fb http://mypict.me/LgE2 #
  • You haven't lived until you hear the Garden organist play Comfortably Numb. It's special. Truly. #
  • Gaborik short handed! #
  • Face off. #fb http://mypict.me/Lhgq #
  • 2-2 and Ovie takes a penalty. Come on! #
  • A lovely evening at the Garden. #
  • Victory salute. #fb http://mypict.me/Lppv #

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