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#hobocast Railroad Earth, 2009-09-26, Charlotte

September 28, 2009
#hobocast Railroad Earth, 2009-09-26, Charlotte

Started listening to this on the way in this morning — got to Where Songs Begin, which, I have to say, has a really sweet new arrangement.  It’s a bit of a chatty show, but all in all, seems pretty solid.

Railroad Earth
The Neighborhood Theatre
Charlotte, NC
September 26, 2009

Source: Microtech Gefell 210 Hypercardioids (Modified DINa – 17 cm reduced angle to 80 degrees) > Mogami Gold XLRs > Sound Devices 722 @ 24bits/96KHz
Location: Left of sound boards @ 8′
Lineage:  SD 722 > CEP2 gain, resampled, dithered to 16bits/44.1KHz > CDWave > Traders Little Helper Level 6 > FLAC16
Taped, transferred, tracked, encoded by D Bishop, R Graham

Set I Disc 1  64:26

01. Tuning
02. The Forecast
03. Saddle of the Sun
04. Storms
05. Elko
06. Little Bit O’ Me
07. Dance Around Molly >
08. Dandelion Wine
09. Stillwater Getaway
10. Long Way To Go

Set II Disc 2 32:47

01. Tuning
02.  Where Songs Begin
03. Mission Man
04. Dover to Dunkirk
05. Any Road

Set II Disc 3 60:41

01. Warhead Boogie –>
02. Untitled
03. Chains
04. Walk Beside Me
05. Crowd


06. El Cumbanchero/Ronquillo
07. Keep Movin’ On


An epic performance!

They came back out for Keep Movin’ On after we were sure the show was over and were tearing down.  We got one set of mics back up just in time to capture the song minus some tuning.    We were hopping like banshees trying to get one of the rigs back up – spinning up drives and plugging in cables at the same time.  The start is faded in to eliminate some electrical nastiness from a rough restart. The encore  source is from the DPA4021 mics >SD 722. 

A little chatter, just that kind of crowd and that kind of venue.

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