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Daily Tweets for 2009-10-03

October 2, 2009
Daily Tweets for 2009-10-03
  • Nice looking setlist for last night, plus Allie sat-in. Excellent! #
  • Zombleland looks like a winner to me. #
  • RT @Three_Star_Dave: Blogged: How the <i>Terminator</i> movie series should end http://bit.ly/40ZwV6 #
  • That Terminator bit had me laughing loudly – I had to simmer down so I wouldn't wake Kim. #
  • Grooving a ton on Peter Gabriel lately – been way too long since I revisited him. #
  • On a Secret World Live kick – Paula Cole was his backup singer! Man, I forgot what a great voice she has. #
  • Looks like a Boston trip on 10/19-10/21. And this is not the one I thought I'd be making – that's in November. #
  • Chicago eliminated. I wonder if it's the IOC bitch-slapping Obama and Oprah. How is Rio – murder capital – still in contention? #
  • Rangers season starts tonight! #
  • Just had GREAT news: yearly bonuses ARE going to happen this year. #
  • RT @wwjim: Big Bird the Birther: Hulu: http://www.hulu.com/watch/99370 #
  • RT @wwjim: @Kyrion A moment of prayer for Marian Gaborik's Groin. <<would be wonderful if it stayed healthy. #
  • Something nice in my email: Rangers Game Notes! #
  • Home! #
  • Trains all messed up. Made mine a Bronx local after we were in transit. Grr. #
  • Just now at Middletown Rd stop. #
  • Donald Brashear loses his first fight. I want Colton Orr back. #
  • I had a dish-related injury. Cut my finger on a hidden knife in the sink. Lately, the score is Knives 2, Us 0. #

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