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#hobocast Railroad Earth, 2009-10-02, Asheville

October 9, 2009
#hobocast Railroad Earth, 2009-10-02, Asheville

This was at the Orange Peel, one of my favorite venues. We saw the boys there in Sept. 2006 with the Hackensaw Boys, and man, what a great, great room. Love the first set here – anytime Hunting Song is in the first set, you know the show’s going to be a good one. Plus, you get a  Just So You Know opener.  I’m up to Drag Him Down and think this is definitely a very good show. Enjoy!

Railroad Earth
The Orange Peel 
Asheville, NC
Source: BSC1-K3> Tmod R4 @24/48
Transfer: R4>CDWave>Wavelab(resample/dither)>TLH>Flac Level 8
Taped And Transferred By David Randle (dave@teamdirtysouth.org)
Set 1
01)Just So You Know
02) Happy Song
03) Old Man and the Land
04) Water Fountain Quicksand
05) For Love
06) The Hunting Song
07) The Green Roofs of Eireann >
08) Like a Buddha
Set 2
01) Hard Livin'
02) Walk Beside Me
03) Drag Him Down
04) Cuckoo's Medley *
05) Bird in a House
06) The Forecast
07) Right in Tune
08) Encore Break
09) Carrying Coal to Newcastle >
10) Mighty River

* with Allie Kral on violin

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