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#hobocast Railroad Earth, 2009-09-11, Higher Ground

October 12, 2009
#hobocast Railroad Earth, 2009-09-11, Higher Ground

Finally, the two Higher Ground shows are up on Archive. I was listening to 2009-09-12 on the way in this morning, and this showed up just now.

First set is beyond huge. It was Allan’s birthday set that he’d written a few months prior. I don’t normally put stuff up without having heard it some, but this one cries out to be aired.

Railroad Earth
Higher Ground Ballroom
South Burlington, Vermont
September 11, 2009 – Friday

Source: DAUD Averlux SMK-H8K hyper-cardiod > Beyer MV-100  > Zoom H4 [24/44.1]
FOB 10’ high 15’ in from right stack clamped to iron support
Mastering in WaveLab with iZotope Ozone 4 dithered to [16/44.1] > CD WAVE > Flac 
Recorded by Casey Coniff and Mastered by Bill Koucky

Disc 1		73:13
1st Set:
1.	Warhead Boogie
2.	Goat
3.	Mountain Time
4.	The Forecast  > 
5.	Big Railroad Blues *
6.	Reuben's Train
7.	Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies
8.	Bringin' My Baby Back Home

2nd Set:  
9.	Cold Water
10.	Old Dangerfield

Disc 2		72:16
2nd Set cont:
1.	Right In Tune
2.	Head
3.	Any Road
4.	Happy Song
5.	Old Man And The Land
6.	Fisherman's Blues
7.	1759
8.	The Good Life
9.	crowd
10.	Ragtime Annie Lee

Comment: * first time played

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